Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Two Bridges

Room 8 went to view of the first Panmure Bridge.
That first Panmure Bridge was demolished.
Next to the Panmure Bridge was a yacht club.
The Panmure Bridge was also a swing bridge.
Hemi from Panmure.went to Pakuranga to plant vegatables in a field. There were some animals and plants in Pakuranga.Hemi went to Australia to sell his animals and his plant’s to get some money.

One year ago there was a girl that ran across the 8 lane  highway. A car came and hit that girl that was on the highway.
Because that happend a foot bridge was made so people can get to university safely..
Next to the foot bridge were skyscraper’s.

Two week’s ago the  foot bridge collapsed. There were cars going past and people died under the highway.

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